PALEUS Acrylics is a manufacturer of specialist Acrylic polymer emulsions, and Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSAs) with a focus on removeable and semi-permanents


With more than 100 recipes PALEUS Acrylics can provide waterborne acrylic emulsions or Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) products to meet customer performance and specification needs. The products are designed to cover a broad range of applications such as permanent, semi-permanent and removable.

Our product range varies from base polymer to coater ready and is suitable for all coating machines (reverse gravure, Mayer bar, knife over roll and curtain coaters) and with a variety of performances: easy peel, clean removability, exceptionally high shear and good adhesion to low surface energy substrates.


Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
(a selection of our product range)

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Our PSA products have a wide range of solids content; typically in a range of 50- 58% and viscosities typically 300 – 1200 cps; with a wide range of peel adhesion (2 - 24N/inch) and shear performance up to 300 hours to allow to cover a broad range of applications.

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