PALEUS Acrylics / Majestic Polymers is a manufacturer of specialist Acrylic polymer emulsions, and Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSAs) with a focus on removeable and semi-permanents


With >100 recipes PALEUS Acrylics / Majestic Polymers is normally able to provide a waterborne acrylic emulsion or Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) product which meets a customers performance and specification need (coater-ready if required) vs. solids content, pH, viscosities, Peel Adhesion, and Dynamic Shear (and able to be used in a variety of manufacturing processes including curtain coaters and gravure coating plants).

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
(a selection of our product range)

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with over 100 recipes – allowing us to manufacture coater-ready water based PSAs with solids content in a range of 50- 58%; at various pH; with various viscosities typically 300 – 1000 cP; Peel Adhesion (PET/Steel) 180o of between 3 to 18+ N/25mm; and Dynamic Shear (PET/Steel) of between 1 and 100+ hours.

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